Law And Its Role In Social Change

Law is one of the aspects which maintains the society and prevents it from falling into anarchy. As a whole the concept of law is very difficult to define. But a suitable definition could be, “Law is a rule of conduct, prescribed by the supreme power in the State, commanding which is right and prohibiting what is wrong. Jurisprudentially, law consists of rules prescribed by society for the governance of human conduct.” in simple terms, law is what sets the standards in a system which everyone must stick to as failing of which the society will fall into anarchy.

Role in social change: there are lots of social customs exists which is hard to eradicate in general. For example, in third world countries, there exist so much customs which are unreasonable yet they are still in practice because it is a century old customs. In this case, law can actually change the society. By defining norms, it can change the society so that age old irrational beliefs are eradicated. It is otherwise hard to eradicate by normal means. As people won’t feel the pressure to change it, it will just go on as usual which in turn fail to bring any changes that were needed.

Law as an instrument of social change: law plays a crucial role in social change. By forcing institutional changes, it can bring change in society which was impossible through other means. Since people are afraid of breaking any laws, they will indeed stay away from doing those irrational customs.

Greater prospects: law in positive Sense, can actually implement which could have been impossible in the first hand. It forces the people to act and to educate them about different aspects. It also enables people to make the proper judgment so that they can carry out different aspects of life in lawful manners.